A few Kung Fu Panda shots...

So these are not all of the shots I did on the film, just a few that are easier to pick out. Plus, a few that I'm most proud of. BEWARE: These may contain some spoilers of the film, so if you want to be surprised, read these after you watch the film. :)

- Po falls from the window he was using to look into the stadium. He then get's up, spots the peekyhole and crawls towards it.

- Po sits up into camera and is worried he'd miss all the events in the stadium. He then looks down and discovers the fireworks.

- Po is under the Sacred Peach Tree and is caught with all these peaches in his mouth. He says, "Is that what this is... I am so sorry...I thought it was just a regular peach tree..."

- Po spits out the last peach and says, "Upset? I'm not upset. Why would... ::mumble:: ... upset?"

- The shot just after that with Oogway saying, "So why are you upset?"

- All of the shots where Tai Lung's fists are on fire, minus the last one where the fire is put out. From when he hits the pillar and then jumps at the screen to when Shifu goes flying toward camera after the final double punch.

- When Po returns to his father and they hug. After which, it reveals that the dad put an apron on Po.

- Po running up to the Urn in the Sacred Hall and then saying "The Legendary Urn of Whispering Warriors!"

- When Po is cooking for the Five, the first 2 shots where he says, "you may be the scariest bandit in Haxin Province... but you're a lousy tipper."

- Same sequence, Po says, "Of course it's Shifu, who do you think I'm doin'?"

- Again, same sequence, where Po gets caught, puts the bowls on his chest and they stick.

- The VERY last shot of the film AFTER the credits where Po and Shifu are eating dumplings together.

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