Welcome to my current project site! This will log my work on my latest dialog test for my demo reel. I will record most of my steps from reference footage to thumbnails, pose-to-pose to blocking, and finally in-betweening and clean up tweaks. I hope to make this as an example of one animators work flow. If any of these techniques work for you, then great. If you just enjoy watching people make a fool of themselves in their reference footage... then that's ok with me. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL ME.

AUDIO CLIP: Dialog from Mozart in "Amadeus"

This is footage I took of myself after I listened to the clip over and over again. I took all of my best takes and cut my favorite poses together. It looks a little messed up, but I get the poses I like and the little acting details I will add in later. What I could have done better was to get my face more in frame.


I took some thumbnails after editing the reference. The notes are what I wrote down before editing the reference to get a better understanding of the characters inner thoughts.

Thumbs: | Notes:

This is where I see if my thumbnail poses actually work in 3d and in a sequence. I also check for readablity and silhouette. I work from a rough idea to the actual base framework of my animation. I will have a link to my notes on these up shortly.

Blocking Phase 1 | Blocking Phase 2

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